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Book Description

In the midst of an overpowering depression, nineteen-year-old Reed Stryker battles with anger in ways he cannot control. When he crashes his pickup in a drunken stupor, a conflict of another nature take hold of his soul as he dangles between life and death. 

   Reed wakes to find the world spiraling out of control. No longer does he reside in the present, but he enters into lifetime 175 years into the future. Everything he knows and loves is gone, including a way of life that is now ancient history. 

  The world has fallen into disrepair as the Draconics, an enemy of undefeatable power, threaten any shred of justice mankind maintains. Life no longer offers the luxury of advanced technology or conveniences of the world he used to know. In fact, society appears to have revolve backward through time. 
   Reed is thrust into a rebellious training camp called “The Mutiny,” where he learns about life, love, and loss. As Reed slowly discovers in this strange existence, he had to lose himself to genuinely find himself. He learns firsthand the true meaning of battling his inner monsters by struggling to combat the outward enemy. 

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